Install Sitecore via SIM (Sitecore Instance Manager)

2017/11/294 min read
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Install Sitecore become easier by using Sitecore Instance Manager. This article will describe how to use SIM to install default Sitecore 8 site. Before start how to use install, the following are few links about SIM.

Sitecore Instance Manager useful links

  1. Download SIM
    • Url for ClickOnce SIM product, go here to download SIM on pc.
  2. Sitecore Market Place - SIM
    • Sitecore Marketplace link about SIM
  3. Github - SIM
    • SIM is open source and host at Github.

SIM provides great features, such as Install new Sitecore, Back up Sitecore Website, Install SQL Database and MongoDB. All these features make the Sitecore developers more productive.

Sitecore Instance Manager main features

  • List Sitecore websites installed locally and their modules
  • Install new Sitecore standalone product
  • Install Sitecore modules and packages
  • Download Sitecore products from SDN and DEV
  • Back up Sitecore websites, and Restore them
  • Export Sitecore website and Import it on remote computer

Pre Requirement for SIM Install

Although SIM is open source Sitecore is not and not cheap, also Sitecore Instance is not easy to get it. You'll have to be certified Sitecore Developer than you can download from SDN, a Sitecore Developer Network site.

  • Sitecore Instance
    • At this example, we use Sitecore 8.2. Example file name looks like this.Sitecore 8.2 rev. Again, if you're the certified Sitecore developer you can download from SDN.
  • Sitecore license
    • You have to purchase from Sitecore, I don't think Sitecore provide a trial license. license file name like this license.xml
  • SQL Server
    • You'll need SQL Server, in this blog example, I'm using SQL Server Version 12.0.4237.0.
  • MongoDB
    • You don't have to install MongoDB before SIM Installation, you can use SIM to download MongoDB and Install.
  • IIS Manager
    • You'll need this, Sitecore is Web Application. SIM will create the site, application pool, update windows host file once you use Sitecore Instance to create the site.

Also, this blog sample OS is using Windows 10. SIM and Sitecore are not supported on Mac or Linux and I'm not sure they'll have the plan to support in the future or not. But SQL Server 2017 support Linux, .NET Core is cross-platform, so something might happen to Sitecore too.

Setup Sitecore Instance Manager - SIM

Download SIM via Click once at here

at this point, December 2017, latest version is 1.5

Start SIM Installation Wizard

Just click Next to first few License Agreement or information.

Instance Root Folder

Instances Root folder is where do you want your Sitecore instance to be stored, and this folder will be your IIS site folder, so make sure your folder has permission for permission.NetworkService

Local Repository put the location which contains the Sitecore zip file. Sitecore 8.2 rev. for instance. The Sitecore License file is the path for the Sitecore license.

Make sure Sitecore IIS site folder has permission to account.Network Service

Enter SQL Server Name, SQL User Name, and SQL User Password. By default, windows service use SQL Server account NT SERVICE\MSSQLSERVER, change the SQL Server(MSSQLSERVER) windows service to use Network Service account.

After SIM installed successfully, launch it and click Installing new instance. By click following next button, SIM will create the new site, new SQL Database, new MongoDB database and add the hostname to host file.

The IIS site SIM generated.

The Default Sitecore Site.

Sitecore Admin site

Sitecore Database

 Other Info


Use Sitecore Instance Manager is very powerful and very easy to setup Sitecore Development Environment if every other source already there you can launch a site within minutes, which the SIM will create site, application pool, database for you. Also, SIM has the backup and delete features make your Sitecore Development life easier.