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  • How to Change DNS Nameservers from Godaddy to Point to AWS Route 53

    2022/8/9·1 min read

    This blog shows how to change your DNS Nameservers from Godaddy to point to the AWS Route 53. Assume you have registered a DNSdomain at Godaddy, but you want to host a website at AWS, here will provide steps on how to achieve this goal.

  • How to Setup a HTTPS Node JS Server on Amazon EC2

    2021/3/1·10 min read

    This blog is a complete guide that shows how to set up HTTPS node.js web server on EC2 from beginning to end. It'll include how to set up a simple Express.js web app on EC2, how to create an SSL/TSL certificate by using AWS Certificate Manager, how to setup AWS application load balancer and create redirect rule from non-www to www, HTTP to HTTPS, and how to use Route 53 to configure a route from your custom domain to the AWS application load balancer. This blog will assume using, at the end of the blog, we'd like all the ``, ``, `` redirect to ``.