How to Change DNS Nameservers from Godaddy to Point to AWS Route 53

2022/8/9·1 min read

This blog shows how to change your DNS Nameservers from Godaddy to point to the AWS Route 53. Assume you have registered a DNS domain at Godaddy, but you want to host a website at AWS, here will provide steps on how to achieve this goal.

Create a new Hosted zones at Route 53

Assume you have a domain,, first thing you need to do is create hosted zone with Once you create hosted zone, you'll get NS record type ad SOA record type, the NS record should have 4 values, these value is important since we'll use these to update to the Godaddy.

Update Nameservers at Godaddy

Logged in to Godaddy and find your registered domain,, go to the Nameservers section and click Change. Enter the 4 values list from AWS Route 53 at Godaddy.


Now, your Godaddy registered domain should point to the AWS Route 53, you can start to create records to point your domain to AWS resources now, such as Application Load Balancer or Static S3 Buckets.