Xamarin - Can't Connect to Mac From Windows with Xamarin

2016/12/311 min read
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If you use Xamarin at windows and want to build app for Android and iOS, you could use iOS simulator at your windows. However there's few software and setting you might have to do. I assume you're having problem at windows Xamarin Mac Agent and unable to connect to your mac.

First make sure your windows have following software installed.

  • Window PC
    • Visual Studio 2015
    • Xamarin for Visual Studio 2015
  • Mac
    • Enable Remote login
    • Xamarin Studio (Xamarin Mac Agent need your Mac to have Mono installed)
  • Others
    • Make sure Mac and Window are at the same network.
    • Still can't not connect to Mac, download PuTTY to test connection
    • Or check here to see xamarin error, you might found useful message when you can't connect to Mac. C:\Users\{Your Windows User Account}\AppData\Local\Xamarin\Logs\14.0