Deploy Mobile App to Google Play Store with Xamarin

2017/3/313 min read
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A simple memo for deploying xamarin mobile app to Google Play Store

First, prepare following

  • Create account at Google Play Console, you have to register as Android developer, pay $25 yearly.
  • Following build, deploy are assume you're using your local machine as build and delopyment.
  • Make sure you app is ready and able to deploy to app store.
  • Assume you're using PC

Quick step to deploy to Google Play store.

  1. Right click Xamarin's Android project.
  2. Click Archive, which will build new version of archive and store all build files under your current PC.
    1. Following is the sample location which Android will store all the Archive build files include APK file.
    2. C:\Users\{YourLoginUserName}\AppData\Local\Xamarin\Mono for Android\Archives
  3. If you want to use existing Archive, then select the view Archieve.
  4. Selec  Archive
  5. Select Disctribute, choose either AdHoc or Google Play
    1. If you want to upload your app to Google Play as Aplha, Beta or Production version, select Google Play
  6. Select Identity, if don't have one you need to create one.
    1. This is Android Keystore, very important, might be better to create backup file or backup password.
    2. If you loss the Android Keystore used for Google Play, you can't upload... you might end up create another version of your app by using different Android Keystore.
    3. So, backup keystore and password for Google Play.
  7. Click next, will generate build file and APK under follwoing location
    1. C:\Users\{YourLoginUserName}\AppData\Local\Xamarin\Mono for Android\Archives
  8. Login to Google Play Console
  9. Assume you're already create your app.
  10. Select you app, go to release's Aplha, submit your apk. Once sumit, opt-in url will showing and you can share the url for tester.
    1.{your app identity name, like com.yourid.yourapp}
    2. Your tester must be login as the register tester email account and try to download the app
  11. Upload to Beta
    1. once Aplha is done, at the Aplha page select Release to Beta.
    2. select Review at Beta page.
    3. select Start Rollout To Beta at Beta page.
    4. opt-in url will be the same as Alpha
    5.{your app identity name, like com.yourid.yourapp}
    6. once upgrae to beta, Aplha version is gone.
  12. Production release
    1. select Release to Production at Beta page.
    2. click Review at Beta Page.
    3. click Start Rollout to Production if want to deploy google play store.
    4. wait for Google Play's review, once finish should get notification message. (could be short as couple minutest to hours)

That's all the step if you use your development PC to release xamarin app to Google Play Store.