How to Find Deadlock Information from SQL Server

2014/2/11 min read
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There're many way to find sql server deadlock or resolve the issue. At this blog, I will show how to use SQL Server Profiler to show deadlock or one example how to fix it.

Find deadlock information from sql server

  • Open SQL Server Profiler
  • Create new Trace file
  • At General Tab check Save to file, and save file to shared folder. This is because after stop trace, you can analytic the trace log information.
  • At Events Selection tab, expend Locks and check "Deadlock graph". Trace Properties will show "Events Extraction Settings" tab, then click "Save Deadlock XML events separately" and save file to shared folder.
  • Click "run" 
  • If you know where the application cause the dead lock then go to the application and re cause the error.
  • Stop the trace.
  • Go to the trace file you saved to shared folder, and search "dead", you should find the deadlock xml. 

Fix deadlock

My issue was fixed by run following sql command.

EXEC sp_updatestats