Provision AWS EC2 Instance

2020/1/231 min read
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Steps to provision EC2 Instance

This blog shows how to create EC2 instance.

  • Go to Compute and click EC2
  • Click Launch instance at EC2
  • Choose Amazon Linux 2 AMI
  • Choose Free Tier, t2.micro
  • Choose Configure Instance Details
    • Launch with default VPC
    • Enable termination protection
    • Tenancy, use shared for now
    • Enable hibernation as an additional stop behavior
  • At add storage, use default root volume
    • check delete on termination, when deleting EC2 this root device will also be deleted
    • make it encryption during the create the EC2 instance
  • Add tags
    • Add tags so each to differentiate
  • Configure Security Group
    • assume just need SSH
    • so SSH, TCP, Port is 22,
  • Click review and launch
  • Create a new private key pair
  • Click launch instance, should be able to see the instance is launching.