List of Useful Commands for Nuget

2015/10/21 min read
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Useful Nuget command

1. Nuget is dependency management system for web development, if you use it you'll already familiar with following command. The first nuget command is install angular, second one is uninstall nuget package.

Install-Package angularjs -Version 1.4.6
UnInstall-Package angularjs

2. Nuget is actually has more useful command, like followings. Update a particular package in a project to the latest version:

Update-Package jQuery -ProjectName MyProject

This command if very useful too because it able to run all the package file for specific project.

Update-Package -ProjectName MyProject -reinstall

3. Update Project by defined nuget file

Update-Package -ProjectName Pokemon.Shared -reinstall

update-package -reinstall -ignoreDependencies

4. Install nuget package to all projects at current solution

Get-Project -All | Install-Package Autofac

5. Install nuget package to certain projects at current solution

Get-Project ProjectA,ProjectB,ProjectC | Install-Package Autofac
Get-Project -All | Install-Package Autofac

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