Few Useful Visual Studio Extensions for .NET

2015/10/312 min read
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  1. ASP.NET Solution Template 
    • A solution layout for a typical ASP.NET web application, pre-configured with Git, Gulp.js, NuGet and StyleCop development tools. It is well suited for developing a single-page application (SPA).
  2. ASPNET MVC ANGULAR Project Template
    • Installation for ASPNET MVC Angular project Visual studio extension
  3. CodeMaid 
    • CodeMaid is an open source Visual Studio extension to cleanup, dig through and simplify our C#, C++, F#, VB, PHP, JSON, XAML, XML, ASP, HTML, CSS, LESS, SCSS, JavaScript and TypeScript coding.
  4. webessentials
    • If you ever write CSS, HTML, JavaScript, TypeScript, CoffeeScript or LESS, then you will find many useful features that make your life as a developer easier.
  5. Productivity Power Tools
    • A set of extensions to Visual Studio 2013 Professional (and above) which improves developer productivity.
  6. Indent Guides 
    • Adds vertical lines at each indent level.
  7. Task Runner Explorer
    • Provides custom task runner support to Visual Studio.
  8. GhostDoc
    • GhostDoc is a Visual Studio extension that automatically generates XML documentation comments for methods and properties based on their type, parameters, name, and other contextual information.
  9. Ionic Tabs Template
    • Build a cross-platform hybrid mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone with the Ionic Framework and Apache Cordova. This project comes with a simple tab-based layout.

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