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  • Setup Nginx and SQL Server with Docker

    5/3/2017 -
    Another cool name, Docker..!? Docker supports both Windows and Mac and builds as the dev machine. I have used The VirtualBox from Sun Micrososytems, VMWare which is also a leader in the system virtualization and Microsoft Virtual PC. There's much more different kind of virtualization software too but these are few just I have used and I think they're the main ones. Now, when I used these, they all the same, I have to download them then install the OS I want to use, then install the list of middleware I want for that system. Seems like reasonable to me at that moment, but if there's something faster more reliable for you, would you use? Sounds like that's Docker. So I'm trying to use Docker on my Mac... Then, what! You can use SQL Server on Mac! But, before that, here's the step I do before go there. 1.