Stop Using Visual Studio 2013 with Node.js Project

2015/12/311 min read
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I think I need to stop using visual studio with Node.js project, I was using sublime text with my node.js project with no problem, run node.js command, open sublime for my project was in a second.

However when I open my node.js project with visua studio, I can hear my computer is dying. Once I open my visual studio, visual studio 2013 is using aroung 20-30% of my cpu and 2GB memory, also I could hear my computer make strage sound by the fan.

I think the main issue with visual studio with node.js is, visual studio use lots of marco to loads the project files, that's might cause the problem which application is checking something.

This issue should be fixed, if you're using Visual Studio 2017 or 2019.