How to Use npm live-server

2016/3/32 min read
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How to use npm's live-server

NPM live-server is very cool when you want to setup server to serve files under development, such as server as web server for your HTML/Javascript/CSS files. To use it you'll need to have npm installed first.At my development machine, I'm using windows 7 and node.js version is v6.5.0, npm version is 3.10.3.So after install node.js, type following command to install npm package live-server to your local environment.

npm install -g live-server

Above command will install npm module live-server global at your machine, once you install you can use it at any directory folder at your pc by typing following command.


Now, after you typed the command, if browser show your folder then you're good. However, if command line display as live-server is not recognized as an internal or external command, then it probably live-server or node.js' execution path is not setup at windows' environment variable.

So, verify your System Properties - Environment Variables - Path Variable. Check to see if either node.js or live-server path is there or not, if it's there, then restart command line and run it again. Sometime, command line need restart. Now, if it's not there, you can reference the version works on my computer.

Following is the path at my windows environment path.

C:\Program Files\nodejs\

Following is how I run live-server at my picture folder.