How to Configure Apple Sign-In with Apple

2022/11/32 min read
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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Requirements
  3. Create Google OAuth Client ID and Secret
  4. Configure OAuth Consent Screen
  5. Load with Default Setting
  6. Conclusion


This tutorial shows how to integrate sign in with Google, along with setup the Google API, Create OAuth Client.


  • GCP
    • Has knowledge of using Google Cloud.
    • Has set up project by using Google Cloud.

Enable Apple ID for Apple Sign In

Here, we'll create new Apple ID for our Apple Sign In. Create new Apple ID

  • Choose Register a new identifier
  • Choose a type and choose the App
  • Enter the Bundle ID, for us we use the com.technoapple.signin as Bundle ID

Enter Bundle ID

  • Choose Sign In with Apple
  • Continue and Register as Apple ID

Create Service ID

  • Back to the Register a new identifier page and choose Services IDs Enter Bundle ID
  • enter the service ID as com.technoapple
  • click continue and register
  • now click the service ID just created and go to the detail page again
  • check the Sign In with Apple and go to the Web Authentication Configuration
  • make sure the Primary App ID is the one we created earlier
  • enter the domain at Register Website URLs as, this domain must be https
  • for the return Urls, enter the url will handler the post from Apple once successfully sign-in
  • for instance https://technoapple/redirect-for-apple

Create Key

  • navigate to the Keys and start creating the key create key
  • Check the Sign in with Apple
  • Configure key choose the Primary Apple ID
  • Download the Key, once download the key Apple Server won't keep it anymore so make sure keep it in a secure place.

Register Email Sources

Choose App IDs and Click Identifiers