Few Useful Commands for Connect to FTP

2015/1/32 min read
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connect to FTP Server

> ftp [The server name or IP Address]

> user : [Enter the user name]

>Password: [Enter the password]

after logged in, you can type help to see all the command or reference some link below to see the detail.

ftp command list

I'll list few common command line.

ls - means list all the files.

ftp> ls 

dir - lists files if connected

ftp> dir

get [Host name or ip address] - connect to the ftp server again.

mget * or mget *.dll means get multiple files by the rule.

ftp> mget * 

mput * or mput *.dll means uploading multifple files by rule. * mean all the files or folder at your current command line directory. *.dll means all the files end dll extension.

ftp> mput *

close - means close the current connection

ftp> close


Example 1: 

Assume FTP Server is setting up correct and able to connect with specific user.

And I want to upload my E:/test folder's all the files and folder to FTP Server's DESC folder.

open command line and move to E:/TEST

> E:/test

connect with ftp server

> ftp - i [Server name]

connect with user and enter password

after connect successful, type go to the DESC folder

> cd DESC

when command line write 250 CWD Command successful then you can uploading your file to the FTP Server folder by typing following command. mean uploading everything from the local command line folder.

> mput *