Install Terraform at macOS

2023/2/11 min read
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  • Install Terraform at MacOS

The goal here is, we want to be able run below command at your local terminal.

terraform -help

Download Binary for Hashicorp

After download the binary for the macOS, for instance, after the download should see thisterraform_1.4.6_darwin_amd64, and once unzip the binary should see the terraform binary file.

Install the Hashicorp Binary at macOS

If you're getting error like this, "terraform" cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified, you can try below setting to avoid this error.

  • System References
  • Security& Privacy
  • Choose General

Once terraform binary file is allow at your local, run below code at terminal to include the terraform file to the path.

Type this to check current PATH

echo $PATH

Type this to move terraform file to the user's PATH folder.

mv ~/Downloads/terraform /usr/local/bin/

Now, if you type below command, if works you should see list of help command.

terraform -help