Few Useful Command for Git Log Commit

2021/1/111 min read
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Here a few commands if you want to get a list of git commit information.

This will list all the commits by the contributor.

git log --author="Contributor's name"

Get commit from 19 April 2020.

git shortlog -s -n --since="19 April 2020"

Get commit for the contributor since 19 April 2020.

git log --author="Your contributor" --oneline --since="19 April 2020"

Same commit log but make it pretty print. 

git log --pretty="%C(Yellow)%h  %C(reset)%ad (%C(Green)%cr%C(reset))%x09 %C(Cyan)%an: %C(reset)%s" --author="contributor" --since="19 May 2020 12:00:00 AM"

Quit the command line by :q.


:h for the Help command