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  • Use AWS Elastic IP Address

    4/9/2020 -
    This blog will show how to use AWS elastic IP to assign to EC Instance but before that... Why do you need to use an elastic IP address? Assume you have the following EC2 had set up, you use your EC2 as a web server and the public IP address is as follows. Now, if you stop your instance and start again. The EC2 instance public IP address changed! So this could an issue if you need to know this server's IP address for processing something else. You could use EC2 instance metadata to log the IP address somewhere, like using Lambda, or you could use elastic IP address I will show later. Following is how you use AWS elastic IP address.
  • How to Retrieve EC2 Instance Meta Information

    4/1/2020 -
    SSH into EC2 instance To retrieve EC2 instance meta information, once SSH into EC2 instance type following command. run with root privileges sudo su list all the metadata curl Get EC2's hostname curl Get EC2's user data curl http://169.254.169.
  • How to Backup EC2 EBS Volume

    4/1/2020 -
    This blog shows how to backup EC2 instance and create another instance to the same region or different region. Create a snapshot from EC2 EBS volume Create snapshot Once the snapshot is complete should be able to check from the dashboard. Create an image from snapshot Once create an Image, then you can launch the EC2 instance from the image in the current region.