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  • Start Angular2 with Angular2-Webpack-starter

    9/4/2016 -
    Angular2 Webpack Starter is prototype Angular2 application for you to start build application. You can reference their Github for the latest information, First you'll need to install or make sure your npm and node is correct version, Node >= 5.0 & NPM >= 3 Then, you'll need to install webpack You can reference following link for webpack's documentation. Webpack document, webpack npm.
  • Start Angular2 with angular-cli

    9/2/2016 -
    Get Start angular2 with angualr-cli There're lots of thing you have to worry about for starting angular2, now Angular-CLI is build for this kind of purpose, it's a Prototype Angular2 application based on the ember-cli project. For this blog's example, I'm using tools as following. node: 6.5.0 os: win32 x64 For Angular-CLI, I'm using following version. angular-cli: 1.0.0-beta.10 Then, run following to install angular-cli to your environment npm install -g angular-cli Now, the first command you'd like to try is ng --help. You would able to check the document from github, but thought from the downloaded angular-cli code will show the latest document by just type ng --help.