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  • Get Start with PhoneGap to Build Mobile Apps

    11/2/2016 -
    Get start with PhoneGap - Building mobile app This blog just a quick start or memo if you start thinking build mobile/tablet app with PhoneGap. The main reason are, my app will consume existing api which using at other web application, so if I could continue use technology stack as API, CSS, HTML, Javascript that would be awesome, so I encoutner this PhoneGap. Also PhoneGap has limited Access to the native app api, but most of things I don't need, build by native will be better performance but it's not something i need either. Also, compare with Xamarin, it's C# based, it does support iOS, Android & Windows but i don't need in my senario. Titanium, is another platform support Android, iOS & Blackberry and use HTML, CSS, Javascript. I didn't want to build by Native either, it's not suite for my needs, spend huge time to learn each app store's language and build.