Visual Studio .NET debug by using attach process

4/1/2014·1 min read

When you work with ASP.NET, you'll need to debug to figure out some issues. Debug has many ways to do, but here's you can use ASP.NET Devleopment Server. I'll introduce how debug your code using ASP.NET by attach process. If you just want to debug your application, you could just push F5 or following button to start.

Following is after you debug your application first, it'll start ASP.NET local Development Server.

Use F5 to debug is fine, but it start your application from beginning page. If you don't want to debug from your application's beginning page, but from specific page. In addition, it able to debug any running process. So like if you build your own window Service application, you could debug into that too.

Following're steps how to debug using attach process.

  1. Tools - Click [Attach to Process...]
  2. select your application
  3. click attach (don't forget to put debug break point)

At the end, I think attach process way to debug a lot, since lots of case, i don't want to debug from beginning of my application.