Simple example to see how to use Visual Studio 2010 Class Library Project


This's a simple example to build a windows enviroment's Class Library apps by using Microsoft's Visual Studio 2010 IDE. So, following is the easy way to write a "hello world" at the code. Class Library usually called by other type of project, like Windows Form Project, Console Project by adding DLL reference to their own project. In this example, i wrote method return "Hello World", and calling this method on concole apps.

By coding following, you need to download trial version or purchase visual studio from Microsoft. see microsoft

On Visual Studio 2010, select Class Library Project

Wrice code on Class Library

This example write simple word "Hello world" at this Class Library. Create public static method, which able to call by other project. So, when you calling this method by console apps, it'll display the word to your console windows.

Add project reference to your Console app(it could be only other type of project)

Write code on Console App

You could build your Console Apps. Then, run exe file.

How your executable files looks like

Verify your code when runing console app