SEO Starter - Google found you!

6/1/2014·1 min read

Few information I want to share with my SEO Experience. I create a website, didn't do much work specific for SEO. However, I collect 50,000 data and lots of data are location specific. The website is not really ready. I had just put all the links to the page, for example the Home Page's link around 200, which I think in the SEO way, dont' put over 100. 

Anyway, I was slowly improve my site. After around 1 month, one day, suddenly my site got around 1,000 visit from few cities. "Google found me", that's my first voice. however, my site didn't imprement well, it's down by that. While I was fixing my website, I have lost google's attenstion, my daily visit become zero again. After 10 days, google come back again, with 400 visit from one city. I'm guessing google slowly recognize this from one server to another server. 

For me, I have to keep make my site better to let everyone to visit and not leave.