Node.js JavaScript Web Application with IDE Visual Studio

6/15/2014·4 min read

     My goal is trying to find a Free and great Code Editor and I'm still not find the one I love. There're so many great IDE out there, but I don't want to pay. (If I make enough money, sure I would pay.) The longest source code editor I have used is Visual Studio, I have used it from 2003 until now. Visual Studio is the best IDE for building .NET relative application and Microsoft is good to make these kind of tools. Visual Studio is very powerful for server-side Development.

     Now, "Raise Planet of JavaScript". I found this's what I'm feeling the coding world is changing now. At these few year, AngularJS, NodeJS have changed a lot of current development. As a developer, I have to learn these things too. So, What the best tool, free and great for code with NodeJS. I really don't know yet.
     My feeling is Visual Studio is great and start to create tools for NodeJS, but I found out it's very slow, very slow. (I'm just saying, i run the yeo man to generate the angular web app, I have wait 10 minutes on my 16GB notebook with no response.)
    Seriously, Visual Studio, You're powerful, But So slow.
    (The reason I saw was, Visual Studio's project file. The yeo man and Node.js generated lots of file with hidden files, which is not included in the Visual Studio Project File. If you try to include to the project file, it's might be a huge work for Visual Studio to complete.)
WebMartix might be good, it's free. Other editor is great too, but most of them are not free. (I don't try their trial version, with every few times saving the file ask me to buy the paid version)
   However, here is what I have few information about JavaScript Source Code Editor. Hopefully you would like it.

Download IDE
There're many IDE tools you could use for develop with Node.js. Following are few you could download.
SublimeText (Not Free)
WebStorm (Not Free)
Atom (In Development)

...Find more at here (10 Free Source Code Editors)

Following are few for Web IDE.
Good for web IDE is you don't need to download, you can code everywhere and just need to access internet with modern browser. This's gonna be the future of coding, however if your internet connection is slow you'll be stress.
The cloud9IDE is good so far to me.
...Find more at there(13 Web Based Source Code Editors)

Visual Studio
If I'm not a .NET developer, I probably would be professional in some of the editor above. (I'm using some of them. Personally, like the cloud9 and watch the up coming Atom)

Microsoft had introduced some very useful extension tools for Front-End developer.
Also, Visual Studio has new extension tools for Node.js Node.js Tools, this's very cool you can add node.js or express.js template.
There's a article about how to use node.js tools with Visual Studio. This's node.js Tools from Microsoft is for individual project. They also provider this one for solution architecture. (It Solution Template)

Few article about this.

Visual Studio with Node.js

  • (For Visual Studio 2012)
  • (For Visual Studio 2013)
Develop Node.js, Express.js With Visual Studio 2012
After you have installed nodejstools and Visual Studio 2012, you will see this window when you choose the Web Site Project.
Right click your project and type "node server", just like other IDE for start node Web Server.
You might see this error, it could be the port number is already been used.
But also you might need to type "npm install -d", to install dependency of your application.
After everything is done, type localhost:{port set on your server.js}, you can see following page from any browser.

Looks like Microsoft is still trying to following latest Web Application Development, integrating with Node.js, Grunt, angular and more. As a experienced .NET developer I'm happy to see Microsoft doing see this happening.