mobile market sales share


I wrote this blog because I'm start learning to build some mobile application. Mobile application could be written web version for mobile, which don't change server side logic but change UI part.Using HTML, javascript. Also, you could build windows app, "windows.." I don't know how to call is correct. If you build application on windows, for example Vista, Windows 7, you could call it windows application, desktop application. Since I don't have much experience for building mobile application. So far we have iOS, android, windows phone. Looks like android become most shared around the world right now. But I wanted to do more research to find out which One I should put more power to learn their technology. So, this blog is about what's recent mobile market sales share at China and United State. There're more than 107 million people in U.S owned smartphones during 3 month from 2012/1 to 2012/4. Anyway, from sales share point of view, android and both now and future strategy.

Smart Phone Platform Market Share at U.S. (Percentage)[2012/1 to 2012/4]AndroidiOSRIMMicrosoftSymbian11.7%31.7%51.3%
Smart Phone Grow Up Percentage at U.S. (percentage)[2012/1 to 2012/4]AndroidiOSMicrosoftSymbian123452012
Smart Phone Sales Share at China during 2011. (Percentage)AndroidSymbian OSiOSWindowsMobileBlackBerryLinuxOther2011/Q12011/Q22011/Q32011/Q4020406080Year
data are reference from following site.