Ioc Ninject tool's basic information

5/4/2014·1 min read

What's Ninject? Looks like Ninject is greate tool for you to do Dependecy Injection, You could use Ninject for your Unit-Test, wrapper your Interface with your impremenataion file.

This's article is about to provide, basic information about Ninject, links, relatived blogs for learning.

Ninject Official Site

Create your Dependency Injection Today!

Following is few links

Ninject official Web Site

Download => Ninject Web MVC Source Code

Article => Ninject Injection Pattern

Article => Ninject Injection Pattern 2

Blog => Dependency Injection in ASP.NET MVC 3 using Ninject

Download => Ninject MVC 3 Demo

Blog => Dependency Injection : Begginer's Guide

Blog => MVC 3 + Ninject + Moq + Unit Test Step By Step

Blog => Dependency Injection in MVC 3

So, using Ninject for Dependency Injection'll help your for Unit-test, Layour Model Architect a lot.