How to build your MVC razor view

4/1/2014·1 min read

If you use MVC, you would find out that, by default, when you build your project, Razor view will not include. So, following article is about how to set up setting then, when you changed your View Model's property, and your razor view didn't change. It'll throw error to your Visual Studio's Error List window just like you build your C# class. Sometime, eventhought you changed your setting like following, MVC build still doesn't work.

Need to do more research for 1. doesn't work on different enviroment. 2. doesn't work when you use old visual studio project.

1. changed your property

2. when you go to view

3. build solution, but there's no error display

4. unload your project

5. what's happending upload your project

6. click edit project

7. changed MVCBuildView from false to true

8. reload project

9. build solution

10. you could see build error