Google API : YouTube Player Starter


YouTube Player is greate API, if you'd like to put any youtube video to your site, it would be very easy to accomplish. This's article is about how to use YouTube Player, their useful tools, how to customize embed youtube video.

Following are steps how to do all these.

1. find the Youtube Video

Find the video you'd like to embed to your site


2. generate HTML for Youtube Video

Next, you have to generate your HTML for video you had chose, you could click embed button below the video, it'll showing html section. Also, you'd notice, URL link contains the same video ID too.

generate HTML


3. put code to your WebSite

After you got HTML, rest of thing are simple, just put to your website. Notice that rYEDA3JcQqw is the same video key id.

<iframe width="853" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="">

4. Customize your embed Youtube Video

Youtube Player API has many parameter you could customize your embed Youtube Video. For example, previous example, autoplay=1, it'll automatic play video when load page.



Inconclusion, Youtube API is very easy to embed to your side, with its parameter youi could change your video size, play when page load, play list of video.