Dev tools : Snippet Compiler

4/1/2014·1 min read

If you're .net devloper, you must need to have Visual Studio for devlopment. Visual Studio is very powerful tool. But if you just want to check .NET syntax, you could use Snippet Compiler , which can run simple app but without Visual Studio.

First, you could get Snippet Compiler from here.

Aftr you download snippet compiler, you could found following files.

Click SnippetCompiler.exe, than you could see following screen.

You could write some code.

Click F5 to run application.

You could even build it.

Snippet Compiler is not like visual studio so many function, but it might help you on same kind of case you don't have your visual studio installed. Snippet Compiler is not a tool you must to have for devloping .NET app, but again, it might need in some case.