C# Use TestView Window

4/1/2014·1 min read

What's TestView Window

This's article demostrate how to use TestView Windows in Visual Studio 2010.

So you select Test - Window - TestView, you'll see window like following if you have available test in your current application.


TestView Window


1. Run Selection

Run selection means run selected unit test by release mode, which is much more fast the debug.

2. Debug Selection

Debug Selection means run selected unit test by debug mode, which you could find why is failing or try to resolve your problem in unit test.

3. Create Performance Session...

Create Performance, enable to create performance report after run unit test. So, following is sample image view for how to do this.

TestView Window

Click Create Performance

TestView Window

Select Performance you like

TestView Window


TestView Window


TestView Window

auto generated Files in Performance Explorer Window

Performance Window have lots to use.

4. exclude from group

It'll remove its Description attribute from TestMethod

5. Open Test

Go to actual TestMethod