How to get start develop for iPhone using iOS

Posted in on 1/1/0001

Want to create iPhone/iPad app? This article is about how to get start.

Before you start, you have to have your iOS, either computer or notebook. You could also try to install you iOS to windows OS just for learning.

1. get your email address ready

If you don't have your email address, you could go to Google.Acount(following) to create your account, or you could use Microsoft's, or apples', anyway, any account would be fine.

2. open App Store on your iOS computer.

3. click sign link to go to registration page for creating Apple Account.

You'll registrate your account's information here, it'll ask your credit-card information, you could put fake one, and put real one in the future when you need. But, let's trust apple and for future convenience, you could put your credit card information.

4. download your XCode

Once you registrated everything, go to following apple developer center to download XCode. Apple Developer Center require you to login, that's why you need the password.

apple developer center

If you want to check what's XCode, you could go to following site.


Once, if you login in to apple developer center, you could see following page. It has lots useful information, so far, right now, just go to XCode and download it. After download XCode to your apple computer, install. It might take a while.

If you're a Microsoft .NET developer, download xCode is like download Visual Studio. But, Apple's development set up is more simple than Visual Studio. You don't need to download Visual Studio, Team Foundation, because xCode include both. Don't need to care of Visual Studio version, you don't need to buy a paid version of Visual Studio, xCode only have one and free.

The only thing you have to pay is, when you want to test your iPhone app on your own device(you iPhone), you have to join apple iOS developer Program, which is $99/year so far right now.

enroll Apple IOS developer Program ($99/year)

5. open your xCode

6. you've done

write some code, and click run. You'll see from iPhone simulator like following.