I'm a developer and passionate about C#, .NET and other open source technologies. I have around 10 years professional experience, recenlty I'm focus to learn Javascript, Angular, MongoDB and mobile app.

This site is my personal blog about technologies, focus on software development in all kind of stuff I found out daily. At my spare time, I'm either build this website, develop open source at Github or building my own apps.


Most of my experience is in .NET and Web development. I like open source, web(JS, CSS, HTML), node.js, C#, .NET, MVC, WebAPI, Mobile, Game, Startup, Module Design.


I prefer starup company and close to home will be great, because I like coding but also love to be with my family.



If you have any question you can contact me by go to this site's contact me page.Or you can find me at following social website.


List of thing I feel interest